Tea Party Advice

The possibility of dealing with potential agents provocateurs from the left.

“So my recommendation to Tea Party demonstrators as a former leftie is to tear a leaf from my old book. Keep your eye out for the most extreme characters and then ask yourself: Is that real? Is that person who he or she says he is? Cui bono, who profits, here from what they are saying or doing? Draw your conclusions (carefully!) and then act accordingly and completely within the law.”

There will be a difference. We Tea Party people have a Moral Imperative!



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  1. Tea Party gear can be found at http://www.shirts4freedom.com

  2. Assign 2-3 people in ‘tiger teams’ to record the media from a remove position exposing the interviewer, camera crew, and boom mike.

    Phony set-ups are usually obvious and incriminating.
    Follow the media crews like glue and double team them if required.

    Welcome to the trenches troops, make it fun.
    A smile and good cheer drives a provocateur into a rage.
    Don’t let them off the hook.
    Play them like a fat trout.
    You’re smarter than they are.

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