Some People are saying….

Some people think conservatives should not really speak up or be angry about our freedoms being taken away. Ron Radosh is one of these people.

In other words show how “sophisticated” and “reasoned”we can be as we ignore tyranny. We are told to look for anything at all positive about the current tyrant that is president.

Reading a piece that defends Obama by saying that he is following the Bush doctrine on terror,and also believing that Obama has Americas interests in mind in Afghanistan, is hard to swallow.

Isn’t this the same Obama, the most controversial figure in history, that basically called our soldiers terrorists?

It remains to be seen if Obama is really going to go after terrorists.

What we do know is that he is dismantling the United States of America. He is invading every part of  OUR LIVES. He is firing people in private businesses, to going after private citizens home gardens.

Do not say that I need to watch out for some vicious syndrome (“Obama Derangement Syndrome”) that would mimic the looneys left outrage. We conservatives are actually the only ones smart enough to defend our freedom from Obama the tyrant.

The Radosh piece entitled,”Towards a More Effective Conservatism“, is more of the “McCain let’s just get along and show we are like democrats because we want to be loved by the media” syndrome.

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  1. Your observations directly mirror my own.

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